Rules of the SHPF XC-League 2000

  1. Entry to the SHPF XC-League 2000 is open to all full members of the BHPA who have a Pilot or higher rating.
  2. All flights must be flown on a paraglider between 1/1/2000 and 31/12/2000. Pilots must personally submit their flight details within one calendar month but by 15/1/2001 at the latest. Note that flights made in the course of the British Championship will be automatically entered into the league.
  3. The XC League is open to all classes of paragliders. There will be an overall winner and a Serial Class winner. All flights must be made on a Serial class glider for the total score to count for a Serial class ranking.
  4. The scores of the top 4 pilots of each Club are computed to award the best Club Trophy.
  5. Flights must start in the UK by hill-launch, tow or winch. A powered backpack launch is also allowed as per FAI Sporting Code Section 7 regulations.
  6. When more than one paraglider is used, the wing with the most distance is listed. Dual gliders are allowed but only the pilot in command scores.
  7. Only a pilot's 6 best flights will count. The permissible types of flight are as follows:
  8. More than one entry may be possible from a single flight, as long as each entry has its separate complete sequence of photographic start/turn/finish points on the same film.
  9. Take off and landing witnesses are recommended, if not essential, in order to prove a flight when challenged. When claiming photographic turnpoints, the launch site and the landing point MUST also be photographed (from the air or on the ground). Witnesses are NOT allowed for turnpoints. It is the pilot's responsibility to provide photographic evidence of turnpoints in the form of either prints with uncut negatives or uncut and unmounted slides.
  10. Turnpoints must be specific ground features, precisely described on the entry form, photographed within the correct FAI sectors. It is recommended that you obtain the FAI Sporting Code Section 7 from the BHPA office (5.00 including FAI licence) to ensure full understanding of photographic turnpoint sectors, or how to claim British and World records.
  11. Ordnance Survey co-ordinates in the form "AB123456" are required for the launch/start points, the turnpoints and the landing/finish points (nothing else will do!). When reading OS co-ordinates from GPS, ensure the Datum is set to "OS grid" or "British grid", rather than the default "WGS84".
  12. All flights must comply with current airspace regulations and restrictions. Pilots crossing Class-D airspace must send a letter explaining how they negotiated authorised access with a photocopied map of flight track with relevant altitudes.
  13. Pilots wishing to use digital cameras or GPS Loggers as an alternative to film cameras for flight evidence should contact us for additional regulations.
  14. Cheating and poor airmanship may lead to disqualification with publicity.
  15. The BHPA Executive Council members are the final referees.
  16. Entry forms are available by sending an SAE to Ulric Jessop, 40, Braid Road, Edinburgh, EH10 6AD