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This is the one of the oldest hang gliding magazines in the UK.  It began its life back in 1975. FlyingScot 1995, FS 1995(2), FS 1995(3)

The latest issue is: January 2003
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Contents of Spring 1998 Issue

Editorial: by Drew McAdam

Chairman's Message: by Mike Hogan

Paragliding Nationals: by David Thomson

Montezuma's Revenge: by Ian Smith

Paradise on Sea: by Linda Wilson Wallace

News from the Committee: by Irene Carson

AGM Minutes: by Irene Carson

Coach Notes: by David Thomson

Swift Syndicate: by John Rankin

Financial Projection for 1998: by Chris Gill

SHPF Paragliding Federation Trophy 1998: by Ulric Jessop


The previous issue was: Winter 1997


Editorial: by Iain Wallace

Chairman's Message: by Chris Gill

Tug of Love: by Steve Brown

Smile of Arran: by Barry Evan

Sierra Nevada Adventure: by Jim Docherty

News from the Committee: by Irene Carson

Exxstatic Review: by Ian Smith

Doctoring the Medics: by Linda Wilson Wallace

AGM Agenda: by Chris Gill

Improving the XC League: by Donnie Carson

Paragliding Nationals: by David Thomson

Club News: by Iain Wallace

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