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The following has been compiled from reviewing old issues of the Flying Scot (SHPF Newsletter) and Skywings. Thanks to both Irene Carson and Simon Ford for helping out in this investigation. If can supply any further information, or fill in any of the missing years, please contact John Rankin.

Hang gliding was introduced into the UK in the early 1970's. In the early days there were two national associations representating the interests of the hang gliding community, the National Hang Gliding Association (NHGA) and the British Kite Soaring Association (BKSA). By common consent the NHGA and the BKSA were to be dissolved and a totally new single operation was to take its place. At a meeting in Coventry on the 8th December 1974, 164 members of the NHGA and the BKSA voted to form the British Hang Gliding Association. Jim Haig was the Scottish representative on the first Executive. At a subsequent meeting the Scots broke away from the BHGA because they thought they could obtain favourable grants from the Scottish Sports Council.

The Scottish Sailwing Association (SSA) was formed by a group of enthusiastic hang glider pilots to develop the sport in Scotland and to help the clubs support each other. No records of who was involved at the time.

The SSA Chairman was Bill Cowell from Edinburgh and the Secretary was Robin Laidlaw. The following clubs were affiliated to the SSA: Angus Club, Campsie Kamikaze Club, Lanarkshire Soaring Club, Lomond Club, Lothian Club, Moray (RAF) Club, Napier Club, Post Office Club, Strathclyde Club. Other clubs also existed at the time e.g. Osprey Club.

The Lomond Club was renamed and became the Puffin Club and the Aberdeen Club were formed.

The Moray Club became an open club and were renamed as the Moray Eagles while the Ospreys became the Highland Club.

The SSA became the Scottish Hang Gliding Federation (SHGF). The SHGF Chairman was Richard Armstrong (Lanarkshire Soaring Club) and the secretary was Simon Ogston (Angus Club).

The SHGF recognised paragliding and became the Scottish Hang Gliding and Paragliding Federation (SHPF). The SHPF Chairman was ? and the secretary was ?.

The SHPF Chairman is Chris Gill and Secretary is Irene Carson. Over the years some clubs have amalgamated and many former hang gliding clubs have become hang gliding and paragliding clubs. Several paragliding clubs have been established, some linked to paragliding schools. The following clubs are member clubs of the SHPF Aberdeen HP Club, Angus HP Club, Highland HP Club, Lanarkshire and Lothian HP Club, Moray Eagles HP Club, Peel Park PG Club, Scottish Mountain PG Club.

The SHPF Chairman is Mike Hogan and the Secretary is Linda Wilson Wallace.

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