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ASYM on Paraglider - close call! 1.64 MB  mpeg

Swift movie 2.35MB mov

Aerotowing at Thornhill 3.8 MB

Drachenfleiger 8 MB mov




The Pink Flamingo (Mike Armstrong)   Martin launching at Bishop AGM March 2001  Martin at take off Bishop AGM 2001  Streamlined pod for instruments

Aerotowing at Thornhill

Andy looking pensive Andy testing Wills Wing After Launching from dolley Donald watching a landing
Ready to go Ready to launch Under tow Waiting for thermals
Wills Wing launching


Christmas Reindeers by Ben Ashman

Skywings Covers

Skye by Duncan MacDonald Michael Aston flies a Trilair at East Lomond in Scottish Paragliding Open by Ray Wood

Para Gliding
Para glider at Bishop AGM 2001  Woopy Fly     

Photos below by Domonic Twist Ochils 2002

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