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The New Laminar MR700 & MRX700 As you all know we are for the 2nd time World Champions. Thanks to Manfred and our sail maker Pause, who slightly modified the sail of the MRX 2001, we are proud to introduce to you the new model for the year 2002 called: MR700 & MRX700 World Record Edition (we temporarily called it MRN2 and MRX2).

This is the model with which Manfred flew at the Worlds in Spain this year, and with which he also broke the hang gliding distance record of over 700 km!

Starting from now, the MR and MRX 2001 models will not be produced anymore; but we will continue supplying spare parts and all related services. The MR 2001 will be replaced by the new Laminar MR700 in its two versions: Laminar MR700 (the Basic version) and the Laminar MRX700 (the competition version with Baimbridge cloth). Each of them will be available in two sizes: 13 and 14.

From January onwards also the Laminar 12ST will be replaced by the Laminar 12MR. The entire hardware of the MR700 will be applied to this new model as well. The colour combination will remain the same.

There will be some new options available which are the following: Carbon insert which is 2,5 m long and 20 cm wide. It goes in the leading edge and it prevents it from deformation while flying at high speed (available from November onwards).

Competition A-frame with better profiled aluminum down tubes and profiled carbon speed bar (immediately available).

Towards December/January there will also be the option "MR A-frame": ergonomical down tubes and speed bar in carbon made by Manfred for Manfred himself (pictures will be made as soon as possible). We would like to remind you again that all our hang glider models are entirely made out of the best tubes available, produced in aluminum alloy 7075 by Alumenziken, the well-known Swiss factory. We are convinced that this alloy is the best material for our product.


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