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On behalf of the Federation may I extend a warm welcome to all pilots and non pilots reading this. And especially to newcomers into the sport in Scotland where I hope you will receive all the help and advice to further your flying experience and enjoyment. The journey to Club Pilot is not easy and requires a fair amount of determination. I'm afraid that you cannot relax this determination to get the air time in Scottish weather conditions but its worth it.

The Scottish Hang Gliding and Paragliding Federation is a Federation of BHPA registered pilots in Scotland. As such it is recognised by the Secretary of State for Scotland through the Scottish Sports Council (SSC) and the Scottish Sports Association as a Governing Body in Scotland for Hang Gliding and Paragliding. This serves us in several ways, a formal channel should any disputes or problems arise within our borders, another being a source of external funding to further the sport. This funding does not come easily and your membership will count towards showing a healthy growing sport.

The AGM is usually in February where the subscription rate is set at just sufficient to cover administration and newsletter costs. These subs are usually paid via your local club but can be paid direct if you live in a remote area or your club is not affiliated. Federation organised activities are self supporting but may attract subsidy via SHPF/SSC funding.

Flying Sites
Subject to the traditional rule of contacting the controlling club/school, SHPF members are welcome to fly at member club sites throughout Scotland. I emphasise that the controlling club must be contacted as you will not know about local restrictions which can vary weekly or even daily. One or two sites have a small daily site fee levied by the landowner. The fee is either paid directly or through the club. Be ready to show your BHPA membership card.

Flying Scot - SHPF Newsletter
The 'Flying Scot' is published quarterly and sent directly to you. Gives news, views, articles, contacts, event dates and results plus free private adverts for members' sales & wants.

Most new members will be at the novice stage of their flying career. Hopefully they will be allowing themselves to be guided by recognised Club or Senior Coaches. Coaching Courses are organised through the BHPA and subsidised by the SHPF.

Cross Country League
There is a coordinated XC League available to members at no extra cost with a winners trophy presented at the AGM.

National Training Meets and Competitions
Both disciplines run these events over three or four weekends in the year. Entry costs are minimal or SHPF subsidised. Organised coaching should be available at most events but check with each event's Director beforehand.

European Traing Camps
Have been subsidised in the past and if funds allow will continue to be so. A good way to improve your flying skills under the direction of experienced pilots.

National Teams
Selected by the SHPF to be funded where possible to represent us at UK and International events. These pilots will be available on our sites at weekends to coach aspiring XC and competition pilots.

Safe Flying!
Mike Hogan (SHPF Chairman)

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