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1. Pilots should avoid flying whilst under the influence of any drugs, alcohol or medication which may affect their performance, safety or the safety of fellow pilots. Pilots contravening this may be subject to their membership of the SHPF being suspended and evidence of the incident being reported to the BHPA for consideration.

2. SHPF organised competitions, events or courses will follow the current guidelines regarding doping as laid down by the FAI. Extracts of these guidelines are listed below.

3. Although SHPF competitions are purely internal Scottish National based and do not figure in the selection process toward UK National/International Teams, doping tests may at any time be requested by the Scottish Sports Council as a condition of their support to us.

4. All competitors entering SHPF sporting events shall accept that they may be required to submit to control testing for doping.

Extracts of FAI Doping Statement (1996 Edition)

a. The FAI condemns the use by competitors, in the misguided belief that they improve performance in the air, of such substances banned by the International Olympic Committee, (IOC). Such substances may degrade pilot performance and compromise flight safety. these activities, defined as ‘doping’, are contrary to the FIA’s principles of fair play, and are potentially damaging to competitors health and safety.

b. Doping consists of the use, whether intentional, negligently of otherwise, of one or more prohibited therapeutic substances, or of blood or blood products and/or of pharmacological physical or chemical manipulation aimed at making these substances hard to detect. The list of prohibited substances is the IOC list valid at the moment of testing, including alcohol, marijuana and beta blockers.

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