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Description The club was formed in Feb 1975 as the Lanarkshire Soaring Club by a group of hang glider pilots who had been flying in the Tinto area since Feb 1974. The current name was adopted in 1996 when we welcomed members of the Lothian Hang Gliding Club. The clubs had effectively been sharing sites for a number of years, and an amalgamation was decided on.
Membership Is open to BHPA members on the payment of 25.00 (1997) and runs from Jan-Dec. 6 will be deducted if you are a member of another SHPF club. Currently we have about 55 members (split 30 P & 25 H).
Sites The club operates in West and Central Scotland, with sites from the Moorfoot Hills in the East, to Largs in the West. The club is also the BHPA resident club at Glencoe (White Corries). However, the home site continues to be the Tinto Hills. The following provides some special notes about our most sensitive sites.

Tinto Hills
The Tinto Hills are a Site of Special Scientific Interest. We have an agreement with the relevant body to allow us to fly there on the basis that our activities do not damage the site. The club has made arrangements with the local land owners to allow hang gliding and paragliding. All pilots must contribute to the costs of keeping the site, by joining the club on an annual basis or via a daily site charge.

The main approach to Glasgow Airport for commercial traffic is directly over Campsie Fell. This limits our flying there. The club has a Letter of Agreement with Glasgow Airport to fly at Campsie Fell. There are strict rules about where and how high you can fly. If you break the rules, you put the site at risk for everone anmd risk prosecution. If you want to fly here, you must read and sign the Letter of Agreement, available from the LLSC secretary.

Other Sites
The club is currently updating its site guide.

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