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There are five main centres for learning to either hang glide or paraglide in Scotland, and these are based from Braemar to the Isle of Arran off the west coast. Each centre has been established for a number of years are the CFI are all highly experienced. Details are provided for each school, with some providing there own websites.

Highlands and Islands

Parapente Ecosse: CFI Tom Duffin (Paragliding)

Perthshire and Grampian

Cairnwell Hang Gliding Centre: CFI Gustav Fischnaller (Hang Gliding)

Central and Fife

Extreme Paragliding: CFI Willem Willemsee (Paragliding)

Glasgow and Dumfries

Cloudbusters: CFI Peter Shields (Paragliding)

Flying Fever: CFI Zabdi MacLean (Paragliding)

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