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CFI Tom Duffin
Address 34 Ashley Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 1RE
Telephone 0700-078 2589
Fax 0131 337 4753
Mobile 07050-353547
BHPA Registered 191
Details The Scottish Parapente Centre offers a full range of facilities - for absolute beginners and enthusiastic experts. Our "Fun Day" introductory package is an ideal gift for the more adventurous. We give you a full day's training, which includes a guarantee to fly, at our all inclusive price of £70.00. Further training quickly allows you to take to the hills with your own glider. Our service extends to equipment sales, and if you then choose to take advantage of one of our holiday packages you will soon be using your new flying skills in skies all over the world. Please feel free to telephone, to find out more about the sport, or to make booking enquiries. Join us soon for the magic of free flight in the Scottish hills.
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