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CFI Peter Shields
Address 2 Inchmurrin Drive, Cathkin, Glasgow G73 5PT
Telephone 0141-634-6688
Fax 0141-631-3556
Mobile 07899 878509
BHPA Registered 186
Details Glasgow's longest established BHPA registered school. Experience for yourself the exhilaration and the excitement of controlled flight with a sophisticated canopy. Paragliding pilots come from all walks of life - and are all ages - but the one common element is adventure. Paragliding is a challenging sport, which takes you out on the hills and into the skies with ease and style. CLOUDBUSTERS instructors are also qualified in dual / tandem flying, and can use this training aid to help students understand and implement the techniques of soaring flight. CLOUDBUSTERS provide theory notes to students training for pilot ratings, and have a selection of good reference books available for sale. CLOUDBUSTERS deal with most leading brands of paragliding equipment, and provide all the advice and service required for enjoyable and safe flying. We also have an extensive range of second hand canopies available so please call for a list.
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