3. Membership





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3.1 Classes of membership shall be: (a) Individual; (b) Club; (c) Associate
3.2 Requirements
3.2.1 Individual Membership: Flying Members are to be flying members of the BHPA. Members are to pay the appropriate membership fee.
3.2.2 Club Membership: Membership of the SHPF shall only be open to BHPA Member Clubs. All flying members of the Club are to be flying members of the BHPA. All flying members of the Club graded Club Pilot or higher are to be Individual Members of the SHPF. The Club shall be responsible for administering their members' SHPF membership applications. The Club shall abide by the SHPF Reciprocal Sites Agreement.
3.2.3 Associate Membership: Associate membership shall be open to those acceptable to the committee under such terms and conditions as the committee deem appropriate.
3.3 Rights and Benefits
3.3.1 Individual Membership: Voting at General Meetings. Receiving SHPF publications and newsletters as published from time to time. Participation in training opportunities e.g. coaching, courses, events and competitions organised by or on behalf of the SHPF. Eligibility to be selected for National Teams. Benefit from the SHPF Reciprocal Sites Agreement.
3.3.2 Club Membership: Representation at SHPF committee meetings. Receiving copies of the SHPF constitution. Receiving copies of SHPF committee meeting minutes. Receiving copies of relevant correspondence to and from the SHPF. Promotion within SHPF publicity material. Receiving assistance with resolving local concerns. Having access to the SHPFs' Governing Body status when dealing with National and Governmental bodies. Having assisted access to the facilities of the Scottish Sports Council and the Scottish Sports Association.
3.3.3 Associate Membership: As deemed appropriate by the committee.
3.4 Upon request, each member or potential member shall receive a copy of the SHPF constitution. Application for membership shall bind the applicant to observe the Constitution and Rules of the SHPF. Every member shall as far as possible further the objects, interests and influence of the SHPF.