8. Powers of the Executive Committee





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8.1 The Executive Committee shall meet not less than three times a year unless agreed by the Executive Committee.
8.2 The necessary quorum for the transaction of regular business shall be four. All matters shall be decided by a simple majority.
8.3 The Executive Committee shall be empowered to: Expend any of the funds of the SHPF in furtherance of any of the Objectives of the SHPF. Make changes in the Rules of the SHPF. Temporary changes may be made immediately then ratified at the Annual General Meeting. Appoint and dismiss a General Secretary, National Coach or any other full or part time paid official. The duties of such employees will be those as indicated in their contracts of employment and as stated in the Rules of the SHPF. Appoint and disband sub-committees with specific terms of reference in accordance with the Objectives of the SHPF. Ratify and rescind all recommendations and decisions of sub-committees. Co-opt persons to and remove such persons from the Executive Committee or sub-committees. The voting rights of co-opted members shall be stated by the Executive Committee upon co-option. Fill any vacancy occurring in any office or in its own membership. Act as the authority for the interpretation of the Rules of the SHPF and of the Regulations made thereunder and any matter affecting the SHPF and not provided for therein. The decisions of the Executive Committee shall be final and binding on all members unless successfully challenged at a General Meeting.
8.4 Eligible attendees shall be informed of each Executive Committee meeting's date, time, venue and agenda. This shall be dispatched by first class post at least fourteen days in advance.