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August 2008

It’s really sad to hear of Ian Trotter losing his battle with his illness; many of his family and friends met up in Edinburgh last week to give him a good send off. Ian wishes his ashes to be scattered over the mountains he loved so much, first as a climber, then as a hang glider pilot and latterly as a sailplane pilot and instructor.
It used to be that if we lost our friends, it would be the result of a accident that claimed them.  Now we start losing them to age and lifestyle related diseases, We are all fortunate that we have such a fine bunch of friends and extended family we’ve found through hang gliding.



Gustav is now renting accommodation in Austria at

Gustav has a new home right next to the WillsWing agent in Austria.


Moyes have a new Lightspeed out which was launched in December 2006, the RS, only £8860 with all carbon bells and whistles and No the agent will not take trade-ins so sell your old ship privately :) What is different small sail and higher aspect ration.



The Re-Union of Lomond Hang Gliding Club was held in the Harbour Bar, Kircaldy, Fife on the 7th October 2005. Ron Docherty came all the way from Calgary, Canada, Brian Harrison, Jimmy Potts, Gordon Murray, Fred Joynes, Robin Craig, Peter Findlay, Pat Gardner, Jim, John Millar, Steve Byrne, Norman, Jeff Marvin, Colin, Alan & Robert Keddie and due to old age I cannot remember the others, apologise to those I missed.

Come along if you are a former member and we have been unable to contact you, for further details call Peter Findlay on 01592-773833.


Just out - New ATOS VR wing suitable for competent paraglider pilots to convert to :D
It is performing really well at the Quest competition. Last year the duel VX was beating everything this year its the VR.

aspect ratio 
take off weight [kg]
packing size
[m2] [m] [ ]
ATOS VS 11,8 11,4 11,8 83-122 35 5,15x0,46x0,2
ATOS V 14,1 12,8 12,1 90-150 37 5,85x0,46x0,2
ATOS VR 14,7 13,74 13,3 90-150 42 5,15x0,48x0,2
ATOS VX 16 14,1 12,6 110-231 47 5,85x0,48x0,2


With Manfred Rumner choosing not to go to Australia we have a New World Flexwing Champion 
Aeros Combat L UKR 6455

2nd Place
2 REISINGER Robert Icaro Zero 7 AUT 6281

3rd Place

3 HEINRICHS Gerolf Moyes Litespeed S4 AUT 6100


Scots Flying in France summer 2004

Whilst flying in France this summer (2004) I went to Annecy. 180 paragliders launched in 2 hours. One poor pilot, had his paraglider go like a bag of washing above him in benign conditions, he threw his Parachute and it saved his life. The pilot landed in some trees above launch and not one of his fellow paraglider chums stopped to help him! Only spectators ran up the hill to help him. I have seen similar incidents in Scotland.


Thornhill aerotow group have a new Quantum 4 stoke tug. It is proudly under cover in the new hanger.


Manfred Ruhmer starts training courses in summer of 2005. Contact for details.



Icaro glider flies over Everest - Follow the link for details.

AIR - Hot news - pilot will soon be hanging 12" under the wing -more to follow

New Atos V and VX gliders for all you rigid wing pilots Follow the link for details


World Championships won again for the third time by Manfred.

1. Manfred Ruhmer
2. Robert Reisinger (AUT)
3. Antoine Boisselier (França)

Steve Elkins was up at Thornhill on, 23/24 August with a car load of demo hang gliders for pilots to test fly. ATOS C, Cheetah and Laminar MR700 gliders were available to fly.  Steve had the best flight of the day on Sunday when he disappeared towards Stirling for a couple of hours. See for photos.

The motorised Swift was flown for several hours on both Saturday and Sunday. It is very impressive as the motor is very quiet.

Moyes have build two more sizes of their new glider, LS3.5S and LS4.5S

Competition Fly-in and B-B-Q held  over the Easter weekend (18th-21st) at Thornhill, Scottish Aerotow Club.
Race around a course, starting and ending at the field.

Aberdeen Club 25Year Anniversary Event - Held on the weekend of 31st May to 1st June - Aboyne.


2003 News
Aberdeen Club held parachute packing course on Sat 25th Jan 2003.

How is this for a nice glider? Flying in Oz, new Atos C with tail.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2002 News
Brett finds landing difficult in Brazil.

Flying in a Gaggle in Oz

Follow link to see PG photos on Ochils 2002 by Domonic Twist


New webpage in menu bar. Send the Website editor details of your weekend flying by email and they can be on the web the following week in a new flying diary page.

Icaro World Record Edition - Follow the link for details.

Moyes Safety Notice -  Follow the link for details

Tuning a Moyes Litespeed - There is a very detailed site explaining how to tune a Litespeed to be exactly the glider that you were looking for. You'll find it at:

Swift lite update at Worth a look.

6-9th September : Thornhill Open Day/s - Home of the Scottish Aerotow Group.  A fun time was had by one and all.  Many old hands appeared to see for themselves the opportunities available to them at this prime site.
Limited flying took place on all of the days even though it was a touch bumpy at times due to nearby wave systems. Winch launching, aero towing, model flying, doodlebug flying, and a fine BBQ were all on site.

Manfred sets new world record open XC record (700Km) which is further than Davis Straub's new rigid wing world record at Zapata.  Read all about the WRE at Davis's website.

The aerotowing from Thornhill for hang gliders has been one of the few locations to get airborne for flexwings. 

05.05.01 More good flying at Thornhill.  Go along and enjoy the experience.

28.04.01 Good flying taking place using aerotows to get to 2000ft at Thornhill.  Plots flying 5 miles upwind and landing back at airfield after over 2 hours in the air.

Aerotowing link: Some limited flying is taking place at Thornhill.  No XC allowed, landing back at airstrip only.
or click on Photo link to see how they are doing.
John Rankin had his first flight on the fully faired Swift.  Off the tow at 2000ft and gained 1700ft in light thermals for a 45 minute flight.  

Solar Wings Booster power pack: Donald has a demo one at Thornhill. Give him a call if you interested.  

Exciting Developments in Switzerland.....Para gliders now safer, no collapsed cells, no SIV tricks required to keep your self flying, better performance...still lightweight and it packs in a rucksack
...Follow the link to the bottom of the Photo page

New Rigid Wing: The Stalker looks exciting see link

Be careful whilst flying:
Just because you can do something does not always mean that it is a safe thing to do?  Keep in the back of your mind,
What if things go pear shaped, what will be the consequences?  Is it worth serious injury or worse?  Risk Assess your planned actions.
Remember do not fly lower than 500ft over a populated area.  It is against the law.

Example: Would you land in this small playing field? I hope not.

Latest News from the AGM
Flying Scot Magazine continues but to be distributed by the Clubs as either hard copy or emailed.

New membership fee proposal agreed to encourage non-members to join the SHPF.  This will make the Treasurers job much easier so why not volunteer for this vacant position on the committee.

Link to discussion document about membership.

LAST WORD  from Stuart Reid:  Clubs should really consider risk assessments for all their sites.  This process can really assist with cutting down near misses, incidents and accidents on your club sites.

Rotor Harnesses have a new streamlined hang gliding harness out called the "Kickass", really.  Very streamlined and sexy looking.

Davis Straub analysed his performance and other pilots during his recent months flying in Australia.  Without the best hang glider, streamlined harness, aerofoil uprights and bottom bar you have little chance of winning a competition.  He is of the opinion that you can increase your chances against the worlds best by flying a Rigid.

Pilots fly over 400KM in Brazil  in Ceará (northeast of Brazil) 

The Aero-towing Group have a new more open airfield to operate out of at Thornhill, near Stirling.  Ideal for aero-towing and winch launching.  The location has room for hangering microlights so if you want dry, secure hangerage talk to Donald MacKenzie 0141-339-2949.

The Lanarkshire & Lothian Soaring Club successfully purchased land at Tinto to ensure continued flying at this central Scotland prime site.  Hang gliding first started at Tinto in 1975.  LLSC members all contributed money, a Grant was received from the Scottish Sports Council and finally a substantial donation was received from long time supporter of free flight, Reggie Spooner.  A big thank you and well done to all involved.

New Laminar MRx2003 glider out see  also Moyes have a new web site with details of the Lightspeed et al.

Davis Straub site is excellent for up to the minute world news. 

Hyperlink to Aero-towing  & Rio photos
Donald, Al and Rab out using the tug to get airborne.  See photos.  Martin also joining in.  This club is open to suitably qualified pilots.

Solar Wings Added UK rigging to the Ghostbuster to produce the Solar Eclipse, see their web site.

Rio photos: Mike, Martin & John safely back from Brazil. An exciting holiday with dramatic landings was had by one and all.  John's Moyes Lightspeed flies great.  Flight on last day over Rio then landing on beach, fantastic.  

Solar Wings are producing a bolt on powered pack for harnesses called the Booster designed by Billy Brooks.

News on Sites & Safety
No flying from Dumyat hill due to withdrawal of permission from landowner.

XC Rules
It has been agreed that the SHPF XC rules are to be the same as the BHPA rules, except 5km flights can be entered for both hang gliding and paragliding.

All pages providing an email link to John Rankin (website co-coordinator) have been changed. The new email is johnshawrankin AT hotmail DOT com

Shop open in Edinburgh for HG and PG pilots. 34 Ashley Terrace, Edinburgh. Tel: 01313370072, or 07000 782589

15-Nov-98: Photos!
At long last, there are now some photos in the gallery. More needed. If you have any pictures which you'd like published in the gallery (slides and prints can both be scanned), send to John Rankin, 4 Bucklerburn Park Peterculter, Aberdeen, AB14 0XP.

15-Nov-98: More Skywings Archives
Journey into the past with some old stories and photos.

08-Nov-98: Missing Photos
Some of the missing photos from the Skywings Scottish Archive have now been added. See what the weather was once like in Glencoe!

10-Oct-98: Flying Fever Website
Flying Fever (Isle of Arran) now have a web presence. Find out more about Island flying and their annual winter excursions abroad!

04-Oct-98: Old Stories
Check out Tom Hardie's report of yet another wet Scottish Hang Gliding Open from 1989!

03-Oct-98: Personal Equipment Sales
If you have any equipment to sell (personal ads only, not retailers!), then send details to John Rankin.

03-Oct-98: Links
The old links section has now been converted to the new format.

Scottish Hang Gliding and Paragliding Federation
If you have any suggestions or comments about the SHPF website, please send them to John Rankin


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